Traveling the US

As a child, I was toted all around the country by my parents. My parents never lived near their family so we had the privilege of vacationing to see them. I grew up outside of Nashville, Tennessee in Brentwood, but was born in Portland, Oregon. My dad was a salesman so my family moved with the jobs until they settled in Brentwood. Maybe the four kids had something to do with staying in one city too. My mom grew up outside of Buffalo, New York in Tonowanda and my daddy is from way outside of Oklahoma City in Shidler. His sister lived in California, then New Mexico and now is in Colorado. My Grandpa moved to the space coast when I was really young to get away from NY winters. We traveled to see family and friends my parents seemed to make it a point to explore along the way. It instilled in me a bug for traveling. As a family with four kids our vacations were in a van, suburban or caravan. We, the kids, became experts at entertaining ourselves as this was pre-any devices. As my older siblings got into college my little bro and I got exposed to a bit more traveling to non-family places and even the pleasure of flying.

My little bro and I are very thankful for all of our adventures and now as adults, we want to revisit all the places we went so we can appreciate them more. I know I enjoyed the Grand Canyon with all of its glory and having the energy to hike up and down with my little bro, but after seeing it and a few of the other beautiful national parks along the way I recall thinking, “it’s just another rock”. I would kick my younger self now since I am an Earth Science teacher who is a little obsessed with rocks!

When I met my hubby one of the things that brought us together was that we both have a travel bug. We both had goals of visiting every state. I have the goal to see every continent while he could do without Antarctica. Once we accomplish our goal of seeing all the states we will go back and see them all together. We have given ourselves a great start on this goals since we have already seen 25 states together in the 6 years since we met. I have Delaware and Hawaii left while the hubby now is only waiting on Hawaii.

We, of course, would like traveling to as many of the 193 or 195 countries as possible too, but know there are limitations to some of them. How cool would it be if there wasn’t a limitation on where you could safely be? Oh, a world without war and conflict would be so lovely.