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And so it began

The new school year began, the first semester is almost over, and I have not written on this once. There were a few times I thought about oh, this would be a good blog topic, but never sat on my couch with my computer and began writing. I have made a handful of Shutterfly photo books, but no posts; better late than never. I am not sure what I should write about first, but what I am most excited about right now is that I am planning on flipping my classroom with my enhanced classes and providing the option to all for one of my units next semester.

I am so thankful that I have two science coaches in my district that met with me about flipping my classroom this past week. One is a K-12 lead science coach, and the other is the middle school science coach. The K-12 lead science coach had observed my room the last week, and after about ten minutes in my classroom she came up to me and said, “You are ready to flip your class. Do you know what I mean by that?” I responded, “I do. I have read some of it, listened to a few podcasts about it, but wasn’t sure if it was possible with our students because many of them do not have access to computers at home. The science coach responded, “I was a high school teacher in this district and had a flipped classroom for the past seven years so you can do this too.” I said I was interested in hearing her out. When she left, she sent me an email explaining what she had observed in my room and would send me a meeting notice for the question, planning, a strategy session with me and the middle-grade level science coach. A few minutes later I received a meeting notice.

Yesterday we met to strategize. The coaches said that the stations I create for my classroom were exactly what I will tweak in order for them to become the at home learning activities. Then I will have time for the projects and activities I have always wanted to do but never had the time because I had to teach content and re-teach content. I am so excited for this opportunity and now I must be diligent in my planning so I will be ready for my plate tectonic unit in the spring. Then I can use my summer in planning a few more units or maybe all of them.

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Welcome to Miscellaneous Meandering Musings. If you read the page mmmedtl then you will learn a bit about my education and why I started this blog. I am clueless about blogging but completely intrigued by the idea of it, because it feels like a journal. I have kept some sort of a journal since I was in middle school and have contemplated writing some of it on-line for the past who knows how many years.  Ever since I left grad school I have had a desire to stay engaged in research, writing and conversing about education, travel and all things involved with life. This blog is my attempt to stay engaged and reflective, even if only for myself.